Array of Structures and Structure of Arrays with Cabana#

Cabana is a MPI+Kokkos performance portable library for particle-based simulations. It provides particle data structures, algorithms, and utilities to enable simulations on a variety of platforms including many-core architectures and GPUs.

This use case describes the SoA and AoSoA classes provided by Cabana. Their goal is to provide a vectorization-friendly collections of contiguous elements that exhibit good alignment.

Structure of Arrays (SoA)#


Defined in header <Cabana_SoA.hpp>

template <typename DataTypes, int VectorLength>
struct SoA;

Cabana::SoA is a struct template that provides a way to store a fixed-size collection of heterogeneous arrays whose size is the specified vector length.

Conceptually Cabana::SoA<Cabana::MemberTypes<float[3], char>, 8> is equivalent to std::tuple<float[3][8], char[8]>.

The data structure keeps a separate, homogeneous data array for each particle field, each having the same number of elements. The motivation is easier vectorization for the compiler.

Template parameters#

DataTypes : The types of the elements that the SoA stores as fixed size arrays. It is required to be a specialization of Cabana::MemberTypes which is defined as

template <typename... Types>

VectorLength : The number of elements stored in contiguous memory locations for each data type.

Non-member functions#

Cabana::get : accesses the specified element of the SoA.

Array of Structures of Arrays (AoSoA)#


Defined in header <Cabana_AoSoA.hpp>

template <class DataTypes, class MemorySpace,
          int VectorLength = DEDUCED-FROM-MEMORY-SPACE,
          class MemoryTraits = Kokkos::MemoryManaged>
class AoSoA;

Template parameters#

DataTypes : The types of the elements stored in the underlying Cabana::SoAs.

MemorySpace : The Kokkos memory space that carries information about where to allocate storage.

VectorLength : The vector length for the structure of arrays (optional). If not specified, a default (defined per memory space) is used; this value may need to be modified for optimal performance.

MemoryTraits : The Kokkos memory traits that tells who controls memory allocation and deallocation (optional).

Non-member functions#

slice : accesses the particle data fields.