Known issues#


  • With older MPI versions and when using a legacy NVIDIA GPU the default allocation mechanism of Kokkos for CudaSpace can cause issues. For example MPI may crash with illegal memory accesses or Kokkos’ initialization can report errors like:

    terminate called after throwing an instance of 'Kokkos::Experimental::CudaRawMemoryAllocationFailure'

    A fix is to disable asynchronous memory allocations by adding the following to CMake arguments:



  • When using HIPManagedSpace, the memory migrates between the CPU and the GPU if:
    • the hardware supports it

    • the kernel was compiled to support page migration

    • the environment variable HSA_XNACK is set to 1

    See here for more explanation.

  • Compatibility issue between HIP and gcc 8. You may encounter the following error:

    error: reference to __host__ function 'operator new' in __host__ __device__ function

    gcc 7, 9, and later do not have this issue.


  • Several of the Kokkos algorithm functions use third-party libraries like oneDPL. When using these, Kokkos doesn’t control the kernel launch and thus the user has to make sure that all arguments that are forwarded to the TPL satisfy the sycl::is_device_copyable trait to avoid compiler errors. This holds true in particular for comparators used with Kokkos::sort in Kokkos versions prior to 4.3. The best advice to give is to make sure the respective parameters are trivially-copyable. If this isn’t possible, sycl::is_device_copyable should be specialized and users should make sure to use raw pointers instead of Kokkos::Views.

    MyComparator my_comparator;
    Kokkos::sort(exec, values, my_comparator);

    would give errors similar to

    /usr/bin/compiler/../../include/sycl/types.hpp:2572:17: error: static assertion failed due to requirement 'is_device_copyable_v<(lambda at /usr/include/oneapi/dpl/pstl/hetero/dpcpp/parallel_backend_sycl.h:1816:20)> || detail::IsDeprecatedDeviceCopyable<(lambda at /usr/include/oneapi/dpl/pstl/hetero/dpcpp/parallel_backend_sycl.h:1816:20), void>::value': The specified type is not device copyable
     2572 |   static_assert(is_device_copyable_v<FieldT> ||
          |                 ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
     2573 |                     detail::IsDeprecatedDeviceCopyable<FieldT>::value,
          |                     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
     /usr/bin/compiler/../../include/sycl/types.hpp:2605:7: note: in instantiation of template class 'sycl::detail::CheckFieldsAreDeviceCopyable<(lambda at /usr/include/oneapi/dpl/pstl/hetero/dpcpp/parallel_backend_sycl.h:1578:83), 4>' requested here
     2605 |     : CheckFieldsAreDeviceCopyable<FuncT, __builtin_num_fields(FuncT)>,
          |       ^
    /usr/bin/compiler/../../include/sycl/types.hpp:2613:7: note: in instantiation of template class 'sycl::detail::CheckDeviceCopyable<(lambda at /usr/include/oneapi/dpl/pstl/hetero/dpcpp/parallel_backend_sycl.h:1578:83)>' requested here
     2613 |     : CheckDeviceCopyable<KernelType> {};
          |       ^
    /usr/bin/compiler/../../include/sycl/handler.hpp:1652:5: note: in instantiation of template class 'sycl::detail::CheckDeviceCopyable<sycl::detail::RoundedRangeKernel<sycl::item<1, true>, 1, (lambda at /usr/include/oneapi/dpl/pstl/hetero/dpcpp/parallel_backend_sycl.h:1578:83)>>' requested here
     1652 |     detail::CheckDeviceCopyable<KernelType>();
          |     ^
    /usr/bin/compiler/../../include/sycl/handler.hpp:1694:5: note: in instantiation of function template specialization 'sycl::handler::unpack<sycl::detail::RoundedRangeKernel<sycl::item<1, true>, 1, (lambda at /usr/include/oneapi/dpl/pstl/hetero/dpcpp/parallel_backend_sycl.h:1578:83)>, sycl::detail::RoundedRangeKernel<sycl::item<1, true>, 1, (lambda at /usr/include/oneapi/dpl/pstl/hetero/dpcpp/parallel_backend_sycl.h:1578:83)>, sycl::ext::oneapi::experimental::properties<std::tuple<>>, false, (lambda at /usr/bin/compiler/../../include/sycl/handler.hpp:1697:21)>' requested here
     1694 |     unpack<KernelName, KernelType, PropertiesT,
          |     ^
    /usr/bin/compiler/../../include/sycl/handler.hpp:1293:7: note: in instantiation of function template specialization 'sycl::handler::kernel_parallel_for_wrapper<sycl::detail::RoundedRangeKernel<sycl::item<1, true>, 1, (lambda at /usr/include/oneapi/dpl/pstl/hetero/dpcpp/parallel_backend_sycl.h:1578:83)>, sycl::item<1, true>, sycl::detail::RoundedRangeKernel<sycl::item<1, true>, 1, (lambda at /usr/include/oneapi/dpl/pstl/hetero/dpcpp/parallel_backend_sycl.h:1578:83)>, sycl::ext::oneapi::experimental::properties<std::tuple<>>>' requested here
     1293 |       kernel_parallel_for_wrapper<KName, TransformedArgType, decltype(Wrapper),
          |       ^
    /usr/bin/compiler/../../include/sycl/handler.hpp:2332:5: note: (skipping 7 contexts in backtrace; use -ftemplate-backtrace-limit=0 to see all)
     2332 |     parallel_for_lambda_impl<KernelName, KernelType, 1, PropertiesT>(
          |     ^

    this is fixed by

    struct sycl::is_device_copyable<MyComparator>
      : std::true_type {};

Mathematical functions#

  • Compatibilty issue with using-directives and mathematical functions:

#include <Kokkos_Core.hpp>

using namespace Kokkos;  // avoid using-directives

KOKKOS_FUNCTION void do_math() {
  auto sqrt5 = sqrt(5);  // error: ambiguous ::sqrt or Kokkos::sqrt?

The using-directive using namespace Kokkos; is highly discouraged (see Kokkos compatibility guidelines) and will cause compilation errors in presence of unqualified calls to mathematical functions. Instead, prefer explicit qualification Kokkos::sqrt or an using-declaration using Kokkos::sqrt; at local scope.

Mathematical constants#

  • Avoid taking the address of mathematical constants in device code. It is not supported by some toolchains, hence not portable.

#include <Kokkos_Core.hpp>

KOKKOS_FUNCTION void do_math() {
  // complex constructor takes scalar arguments by reference!
  Kokkos::complex z1(Kokkos::numbers::pi);
  // error: identifier "Kokkos::numbers::pi" is undefined in device code

  // 1*pi is a temporary
  Kokkos::complex z2(1 * Kokkos::numbers::pi);  // OK

  // copy into a local variable
  auto pi = Kokkos::numbers::pi;
  Kokkos::complex z3(pi);  // OK