Mathematical constants#

Defined in header <Kokkos_MathematicalConstants.hpp> which is included from <Kokkos_Core.hpp>

Provides all mathematical constants from <numbers> (since C++20).

All constants are defined in the Kokkos::numbers:: namespace since version 4.0, in Kokkos::Experimental in previous versions.

Mathematical constants

e log2e log10e pi inv_pi inv_sqrtpi ln2 ln10 sqrt2 sqrt3 inv_sqrt3 egamma phi


  • The mathematical constants are available in Kokkos::Experimental:: since Kokkos 3.6

  • They were “promoted” to the Kokkos::numbers namespace in 4.0 and removed from Kokkos::Experimental:: in 4.3

  • Passing mathematical constants by reference or taking their address in device code is not supported by some toolchains and hence not portable. (See known issues)


KOKKOS_FUNCTION void example() {
    constexpr auto pi = Kokkos::numbers::pi_v<float>;
    auto const x = Kokkos::sin(pi/6);

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