Template class for storing the min and max values with indices for min/max location reducers. Should be accessed via ::value_type defined for a particular reducer.

Header File: <Kokkos_Core.hpp>


MinMaxLoc<T,I,S>::value_type result;
T minValue = result.min_val;
T maxValue = result.max_val;
I minLoc = result.min_loc;
I maxLoc = result.max_loc;


template<class Scalar, class Index>
struct MinMaxLocScalar{
  Scalar min_val;
  Scalar max_val;
  Index min_loc;
  Index max_loc;

  void operator = (const MinMaxLocScalar& rhs);


template<class Scalar, class Index>
struct MinMaxLocScalar#

Public Members

Scalar min_val#

Scalar minimum Value.

Scalar max_val#

Scalar maximum Value.

Index min_loc#

Minimum location(Index).

Index max_loc#

Maximum location(Index).

Assignment Operator

void operator=(const MinMaxLocScalar &rhs)#

Assign min_val, max_val, min_loc and max_loc from rhs