Header File: <Kokkos_Layout.hpp>


Kokkos::View<float*, Kokkos::LayoutLeft> my_view;


struct LayoutLeft#

When provided to a multidimensional View, lays out memory such that the first index is the contiguous one. This matches the Fortran conventions for allocations.

Nested Typedefs


A tag signifying that this models the Layout concept.

Member Variables

static constexpr bool is_extent_constructible = true#

A boolean to allow detection that this class is extent constructible.

size_t dimension[8]#

An array containing the size of each dimension of the Layout.


KOKKOS_INLINE_FUNCTION explicit constexpr LayoutLeft(size_t N0 = 0, size_t N1 = 0, size_t N2 = 0, size_t N3 = 0, size_t N4 = 0, size_t N5 = 0, size_t N6 = 0, size_t N7 = 0)#

Constructor that takes in up to 8 sizes, to set the sizes of the corresponding dimensions of the Layout.

LayoutLeft(LayoutLeft const&) = default#

Default copy constructor, element-wise copies the other Layout.

LayoutLeft(LayoutLeft&&) = default#

Default move constructor, element-wise moves the other Layout.

Assignment operators

LayoutLeft &operator=(LayoutLeft const&) = default#

Default copy assignment, element-wise copies the other Layout.

LayoutLeft &operator=(LayoutLeft&&) = default#

Default move assignment, element-wise moves the other Layout.