Defined in header <Kokkos_Profiling_ProfileSection.hpp>


Kokkos::Profiling::ProfilingSection section("label");
// <code>

The class ProfilingSection is a section ID wrapper that provides a convenient RAII-style mechanism to manage a user-defined profiling section.

When a ProfilingSection object is created, a profiling section is created with the user-provided string, and the objects holds on to the section ID.

When control leaves the scope in which the ProfilingSection object was created, the ProfilingSection is destructed, and the underlying section is properly destroyed.

The ProfilingSection class is non-copyable.

ProfilingSection(std::string const &sectionName);#

Constructs a section with user-provided label. Calls Profiling::createProfileSection(sectionName, &sectionID);


Deletes the section. Calls Profiling.destroyProfileSection(sectionID);

void start();#

Starts the section. Calls Profiling::startSection(sectionID);

void stop();#

Ends the section. Calls Profiling::stopSection(sectionID);

See also

ScopedRegion: implements a scope-based region ownership wrapper