The Kokkos Team is a multi-institutional group of HPC, C++ and Linear Algebra experts with a dedication to making live easier for computation scientists and engineers.



Kokkos Core

Sandia National Laboratories
  • Christian Trott (PI) Project Lead, Hierarchical Parallelism, Data Structures, Programming Model Design
  • David Hollman Tasking, Programming Model Design
  • Daniel Sutherland OpenMP backend
  • Daniel Ibanez
  • Nathan Ellingwood MDRangePolicy, Maintenance, Testing
  • Vinh Dang
  • Jeff Miles Resilience Research, 
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Graham Lopez
  • Damien Lebrun-Grandie AMD backend
  • Bruno Turcksin AMD backend
Argonne National Laboratory
  • Hal Finkel
  • Nevin Liber Intel Aurora backend
Los Alamost National Laboratory
  • Galen Shipman
  • Geoff Womeldorff Fortran Interop. 
Swiss National Supercomputing Centre
  • Mikael Simberg HPX backend

Kokkos Kernels

Sandia National Laboratories
  • Siva Rajamanickam (PI)
  • Kyungjoo Kim
  • Jeremiah Wilke
  • Vinh Dang
  • Luc Berger-Vergiat
  • William McLendon
  • Nathan Ellingwood
  • Christian Trott