Posted on January 1, 2023 • 3 min read • 500 words

The following is a partial list of applications leveraging Kokkos for Performance Portability. The “Status” field indicates whether the application is using Kokkos in productions runs yet, or whether the project is in the process or porting over to Kokkos or developing its capabilities from scratch.

AppNameAreaInstitutionWebsiteStatusUses KokkosKernelsContact NameContact Email
AlbanyClimateSandia Perego, Irina,
LGRShock HydrodynamicsSandia
AriaThermal Fluid Multi PhysicsSandiaPortingYJonathan
LAMMPSMolecular DynamicsSandia Moore
Trilinos-TpetraDistributed Sparse Linear Algebra PackageSandia Devine
Trilinos-PhalanxDAG-based AssemblySandiaProductionYRoger
Trilinos-PanzerFinite Element ToolsSandiaProduction/PortingYRoger
Trilinos – ShyLU BaskerSparse Direct SolverSandia Ellingwood, Siva
Trilinos – ShyLU TachoTasking Cholesky SolverSandia Kim, Siva
DrekarTurbulent CFD, MHD, Plasma PhysicsSandiaProduction/PortingYRoger
MTGLGraph LibrarySandiaN/APorting/ProductionNJon
Parallel Research KernelsProgramming Models ResearchIntel Corporation
Compadre ToolkitCompatible remap and PDE solution on particles using Generalized Moving Least SquaresSandiaProductionNPaul
HOMMEXXAtmospheric Dynamics for Climate SimulationsSandiaProductionYAndy
MiniMDMolecular Dynamics Proxy AppSandia
ExaMiniMDMolecular Dynamics Proxy AppSandia
MiniFEFinite Element Proxy AppSandia
AllRegimeCFD, All Mach number Hydrodynamics on regular gridsCEAPortingNThomas
ppkMHDCFD, High order schemes for high Mach number MHD applications in astrophysicsCEAPortingNPierre
LBM_saclayLattice Boltzmann methods for multiphase flowCEAEvaluationNAlain Cartalade / Pierre;
IOSSFinite Element I/O librarySandia
GemmaElectromagnetic Radiation (EMR)SandiaN/ADevelopmentNWilliam Langston
EnGPardynamic load balancingRPI SCOREC
K-AthenaCFD, Astrophysical MHDMichigan State UniversitytbaPortingNPhilipp
Nalu-WindEcp/Exawind applicationNREL/Sandia
STKSierra ToolkitSandiaN/APorting/ProductionNAlan
GenTenTensor decompositionsSandia
DataTransferKitsolution transfer services for multiphysics applicationsORNL
E3SMHigh-res, cloud-resolving atmosphere model (SCREAM)DoE
COMPOSEEarth SciencesSNL and DevelopmentNAndrew M.
SunataMetal Additive ManufacturingAtlas3D and DevelopmentYHao
BabelStreamBenchmarkingUniversity of Bristol
SHAWGeophysics, model reductionSandia, NGA