The following is a partial list of applications leveraging Kokkos for Performance Portability. The “Status” field indicates whether the application is using Kokkos in productions runs yet, or whether the project is in the process or porting over to Kokkos or developing its capabilities from scratch


AppName Area Institution Website Status Uses KokkosKernels Contact Name Contact Email
Albany Climate Sandia Porting Y Andy Salinger
LGR Shock Hydrodynamics Sandia Production Y Dan Ibanez
Aria Thermal Fluid Multi Physics Sandia Porting Y Jonathan Clausen
LAMMPS Molecular Dynamics Sandia Production N Stan Moore
Trilinos-Tpetra Distributed Sparse Linear Algebra Package Sandia Production Y Karen Devine
Trilinos-Phalanx DAG-based Assembly Sandia Production Y Roger Pawlowski
Trilinos-Panzer Finite Element Tools Sandia Production/Porting Y Roger Pawlowski
Trilinos – ShyLU Basker Sparse Direct Solver Sandia Porting/Production N Nathan Ellingwood, Siva Rajamanickam
Trilinos – ShyLU Tacho Tasking Cholesky Solver Sandia Porting/Production N Kyungjoo Kim, Siva Rajamanickam
Drekar Turbulent CFD, MHD, Plasma Physics Sandia Production/Porting Y Roger Pawlowski
MTGL Graph Library Sandia N/A Porting/Production N Jon Berry
Parallel Research Kernels Programming Models Research Intel Corporation Evaluation N Jeff Hammond
Compadre Toolkit Compatible remap and PDE solution on particles using Generalized Moving Least Squares Sandia Production N Paul Kuberry
HOMMEXX Atmospheric Dynamics for Climate Simulations Sandia Production Y Andy Salinger
MiniMD Molecular Dynamics Proxy App Sandia Production N Christian Trott
ExaMiniMD Molecular Dynamics Proxy App Sandia Production N Christian Trott
MiniFE Finite Element Proxy App Sandia Production N Christian Trott
AllRegime CFD, All Mach number Hydrodynamics on regular grids CEA Porting N Thomas Padioleau
ppkMHD CFD, High order schemes for high Mach number MHD applications in astrophysics CEA Porting N Pierre Kestener
LBM_saclay Lattice Boltzmann methods for multiphase flow CEA Evaluation N Alain Cartalade / Pierre Kestener;
IOSS Finite Element I/O library Sandia Porting N Greg Sjaardema
SPARC CFD Sandia N/A Porting/Production Y
EMPIRE PIC Sandia N/A Porting/Production Y
Gemma Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) Sandia N/A Development N William Langston
SPARTA DSMC Sandia Porting N
EnGPar dynamic load balancing RPI SCOREC Porting Y Cameron Smith
K-Athena CFD, Astrophysical MHD Michigan State University tba Porting N Philipp Grete
Nalu-Wind Ecp/Exawind application NREL/Sandia Porting/Production N Alan Williams
STK Sierra Toolkit Sandia N/A Porting/Production N Alan Williams
GenTen Tensor decompositions Sandia Porting/Production N Eric Phipps
DataTransferKit solution transfer services for multiphysics applications ORNL Production N Stuart Slattery
E3SM High-res, cloud-resolving atmosphere model (SCREAM) DoE Development N Jim Foucar
COMPOSE Earth Sciences SNL Production and Development N Andrew M. Bradley
Sunata Metal Additive Manufacturing Atlas3D Production and Development Y Hao Peng
BabelStream Benchmarking University of Bristol Production No Tom Deakin